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Have you or do you know anyone who has said ‘If only I could make better use of my phone or tablet, it is so complicated! What I need to access is all over the place and it is impossible to find what I want, and to make matters worse, I have difficulty seeing the screen and sometimes I cannot hear what is said – I feel so inadequate!’ 

Never fear, help is at hand! It is possible to customise the screen on the phone or tablet, to make life much easier!

This can be done by making words larger so that they can be easily read, downloading specialist apps to help those with visual or hearing impairments and a launcher to put all the most used apps together.

Making the words bigger on the screen. All phones and tablets will have settings which can be changed to meet individual needs. The manufacturer will set them to the most useful for the majority of users, but changes can be made to suit individual needs. There is, however, a trade off because the larger the words, the less words you get on the screen. You can move around the screen by swiping so that all words become visible, but not at the same time How to change settings to make the words larger or smaller.

Go to > Settings > Display > Font Size

Helping those who are visually or hearing impaired to use apps which make the phone easier to use. These are located on the Google Play store and are free and easy to download.

Visually Impaired Assistance

  • Android Accessibility Suite [Free] – helps the user to navigate the phone or
  • Google Assistant [Free] – voice operated, can ask the phone to call a specific
    phone number, dictate text messages, open apps example emails –
    disadvantage it can drain the battery
Android Accessibility Suite logo
G assist logo

Hearing Impaired Assistance

  • Live Transcribe [Free] – Listens and translates what someone says into text. It is also able to understand deaf speak and translate into words
  • Jab Talk [Free] – can help non verbal users to communicate by adding images, words and sentences. It also has a text to speech facility

Helping those who are easily confused, because the apps they need are scattered around the phone or tablet

Using a Launcher – Home Screen Replacement (the first screen on opening the tablet or phone)

Launchers or Home Screen Replacements are particularly good for those who are also visually impaired. They put the information and apps you most need on the Home Screen, which means there will be no difficulty in finding what you want. If using a free Launcher make sure that you will not be annoyed by advertisements popping up.

example of a launcher

Unfortunately, for those unfamiliar with technology, many will find using their phone or tablet quite daunting! It is very easy to become frustrated and want to throw the device away, as being too difficult to use. Patience will pay of, and as confidence grows, the feeling of success will make the user want to find out more, until it becomes a friend to be referred to frequently!

Remember the phone or tablet, should be your slave!

In the Google Play Store there are many ‘apps’ which can help users who have varying problems with using their devices and there are also new ones being added with different features. The Play Store is accessible on every Android Phone or Tablet or on a PC or MAC, should you just want to see what apps are available, rather than downloading one. The web page can be accessed by tapping on Google Play Store above.


Happy exploring and if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me by email on or ring 07586 251284