About Theresa, IT Tutor


I am a freelance tutor working in Chester and Wirral. My ambition is to help my clients  to use their tablet, smartphone and computer, effectively. I have worked with businesses, adults and young people for some 30 years and latterly have been helping people in business and at home on a 1 to 1 basis and in small groups


I  make Learning  fun. Whether you are a  beginner or more experienced, everything is tailored to your needs, at a time and place convenient to you


My clients have had very differing needs with many successes!




Small businesses need as much time as possible to work in their business, and so are always looking for time saving activities, which will free up their time. To this end I have created spreadsheets and given advice on the best apps to achieve this outcome, thus saving time and money.

Home users and families have been brought together by using FaceTime/Skype, speaking in real time, carers have learnt how to shop on-line, newsletters have had maps added to them, families have been able to trace their family history and I have facilitated a client to get a book published.



  • Personalised service for your needs and requirements, using your equipment
  • Cost effective – accelerated learning methods used,
  • Guidance and handouts given with information packs
  • Travel to you – using your equipment
  • Experienced Lecturer/Tutor with 30 years working with businesses and adult IT classes
  • Follow up call to check if any further help is needed






Theresa’s Philosophy

Teach you what you want at a time and place convenient to you in a way that is easy to understand.

Business Improvement

Adoption Matters used Theresa’s skills to develop our adopter pipeline to give both retrospective and forward facing data. This s now fully operational and proving to be a useful additional management tool. It benefits from having several data sources within the one platform resulting in much easier use.

Norman G Goodwin CBE,
Chief Executive at Adoption Matters

Training with Theresa

I have found Theresa to be an excellent teacher. Nothing is too much trouble. She listens to your problems and deals with them on an individual basis. Her lessons are backed up with useful handouts.


Internet and Email help

Internet and email – Theresa delivered everything I asked of her in an informative and considered way. I would definitely recommend Theresa.


FaceTime my Family

I enjoy learning how to use my iPad with Theresa, because she explains everything and makes everything easy to understand. I can now FaceTime my family, send emails with attachments, search the Internet using Google, download Apps and navigate my way around.


Streamlining your business

Theresa can help you streamline your business IT needs therefore saving you time and money. She is an expert in her field.


Proof reading help

Theresa supported me with some proofing, showing a real interest in my project,
A very approachable lady who will patiently help and advice learners like me