IT Training Support Services for Business

Use technology to help you run your business

Enjoy learning how to use your Phone, iPad, Tablet or Computer to make the day to day running of your business easier.

Business Computer Training to help you to run your business more efficiently and to save you time and money. We can teach you on Windows, MAC, Android and IOS based technology.

What do you need help with?

  • Recording Income and Expenditure
  • Sending Invoices
  • Creating Quotes/Estimates/Letterheads
  • Creating a Prospect List
  • Online Banking
  • Sending Emails and attachments
  • Collating customer data
  • Saving to the Cloud
  • Posting to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Using Video Calls to speak to customers

Examples of Business IT Support and Training

Management Reports: Teaching the creation and maintenance of Spreadsheets for motor trade to facilitate the collating of data, sending of timesheets and financial data to senior management.

Data Management: Creating Spreadsheets for SMEs to manage stock control, cataloguing, sales and income and expenditure, including training on the continued use of those spreadsheets.

Forecasting: Supporting a Charity to create a series of confidential interrelated spreadsheets with graphs to create pipeline showing retrospective and forcast data.

Cloud based Technology: Facilitating working from home or mobile offices to allow secure access to files while out of the office and effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients. Teaching the staff how to use Cloud based software e.g. Drop Box, Google Apps, MS365, Salesforce etc.

Training on Mobile Devices: Teaching those less familiar with modern technology how easy it is to use mobile devices to communicate, send documents, text messages, work remotely, organise diaries and to-do lists, undetake banking and finance activities, conduct research etc.

Remote working training

All training is personalised and you work at your own pace, on topics which will help you to streamline your business, save you time and get more business.

If you need any help, please call Theresa on 07586 251284 or by email –

FaceTime my Family

I enjoy learning how to use my iPad with Theresa, because she explains everything and makes everything easy to understand. I can now FaceTime my family, send emails with attachments, search the Internet using Google, download Apps and navigate my way around.


Internet and Email help

Internet and email – Theresa delivered everything I asked of her in an informative and considered way. I would definitely recommend Theresa.