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Google’s new tools 

Google is well known as a search engine, has grown to include new and amended tools to improve efficiency. Recently, there have been five main changes, which can help small businesses to work smarter.

These new changes include

  • Google Maps – these are now colour coded with points of interest, which makes it much easier to locate where you are going, amongst a group of places of general interest in the area. If travelling by train or bus, step by step directions with a map are also included.
  • Gmail – now includes hyperlinks to contacts making it much easier to see details of individual contacts. Additionally, there is a new feature of Smart Reply which scans emails and suggests prepopulated responses. For example, ‘would you like to meet for a 1 to 1 at 10:30?’ Might suggest response of ‘sounds great.’
  • Google Calendar – It is now possible to see 2 or more, side by side. This feature is very useful when trying to refer to business and personal calendars and is much easier to use. Switching from one web site to another is now unnecessary
  • Searching within a specific Drive – an option to search for a specific folder has been added making Backup and sync files much easier. A button with ‘Backup and Sync’ has been added making it much easier to backup important documents, photos and videos to the search giant’s cloud storage
  • You Tube – It is now possible to blur faces in videos. You tube detects faces and can even detect a specific person and blur their face. It is easy to share videos with others directly, without sharing with links such as What’s App, Twitter or Facebook.

In Conclusion

These Google changes will help small businesses to plan their workload via the Calendar features. Access files readily, refer to them, and give a client an immediate answer. It is possible to create a video on You Tube, without compromising an individual’s privacy. Business owners to video activities and ensure, those in the video are happier to be a part of the videoing experience.

Emailing candidates will be speedier and contact details will be at hand, again saving time and efficiency.

To work smart can save a small business time ‘33 working Days a year’ – Lloyds Bank Survey

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