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Have you ever thought now that things have been eased, that it would be great to go out for the day  or go on holiday with the family. Whilst on a weekend away, I  heard  a small child say

Mummy, I need the toilet! – this set me thinking about the problems people were now encountering!

 How could your mobile phone or internet linked computer or tablet help you to plan a day out? After returning home this was to be my project for this blog. I am glad to say that there are now Apps and web sites to help you on Android/Apple, PCs and MACs.

Choose a loo

Lockdown Loo – shows the location of some 5000 toilets open to the public around the UK, including facilities in train stations, cafes, shopping centres, supermarkets and parks. Additionally, there are comments on opening times, cleanliness and disabled access, with options to include any new locations and to correct any inaccurate information. On a phone it can be difficult to see the locations and it is suggested that you open the map in Google Maps. This can be done by tapping the square in the top right hand corner.

Supermarket Baked Beans

Supermarket Check-in – predicts queue times and stock levels for local supermarkets. The information is supplied by users who are checking in to the stores. Another way is to use

Google ‘Popular Times’ data – search for the store and you will find a bar chart showing when the popular times for shopping are. Both methods can be useful and if it saves time and it will make shopping more enjoyable

Train Public Transport

Google MapscrowdednessPublic Transport to ensure social distancing and a seat, the crowdedness level is shown, on the app,  which will help you to choose the right time to travel. The app covers both buses and trains. With a family, standing room only is to be avoided! Currently, the National Rail app/website shows red or yellow warning signs to indicate busy times.  Trainline has added a Crowds alert feature and signing up for the ‘Alert Me Tool’ will send you information on

Tent for camping holiday

Planning a Staycation Holiday has selected destinations of interest at home, for example hiking in the Lake District, exploring the Jurassic coast, renting a shepherd’s hut. shows the best camping and glamping sites in the UK, whilst  shows the current situation in different countries in Europe.



Talking of holidays, I was unable to find any specific apps, but there are websites dedicated to families with children details of 10 best family walks at National Trust Properties

www.verywellfit.comgives tips on how to your kids interested and to help prevent whining when going on a family walk – 25 things to do on a walk with kids. This an excellent site giving ideas on what to do, especially outdoors.

To everyone wanting a day out or a holiday in the UK, I hope you will find the information useful. If essential information is readily available and you are going out for the day or going on a staycation, life should be easier and ensure that everyone has a good time!


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